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January 2005 Volume: 22 Number: 1
Issue: January 2005
Volume: 22 Number: 1
Come Join Our Army
» Henry Furman: Bell-ringer, loyal soldier, friend
» SWONEKY Kettle Kickoff
» Greater New York Kettle Kickoff
» NYSB helps kettle kickoff in Kingston, N.Y.
Letters to the Editor
» Letters
Vantage Point
» The worth of families
» My child!
Prayer & Praise
» Prayer requests
Territorial News
» Commissioning in Hershey, Pa.
» 'Eagles' help 'eaglets' adjust to church life
» Walking by God's sight
» All roads lead to Rome
» Opportunity for 'Hands On' Mission
» Forster to coordinate Partners in Mission
» Writing Salvation Army position statements
» Salvation Army Position Statement: Gambling
» Helping 'patchwork families' will be theme of Social Services Conference
» USA Eastern commissions Gaither biography
» Burgmayer celebrated at Profile Night
» 125th Anniversary Celebration
» Emergency Management Center opens in Puerto Rico
World News
» IBS provides Scriptures to survivors of Beslan tragedy
Overseas Reports
» Emmons see salvation in Honduras, Guatemala
» Celebrating growth in South America West
» Trust, Big-Time
» Uprisings continue in Liberia
Around the Territory
» Praying to restore living wells
» Montclair Citadel hosts Band Councils
» Snapshots
» 'God Chaser' Tenney headlines NEOSA revival service
Promoted to Glory
» Major Roy Speakman
» Mrs. Brigadier Jessie W. Pickering
» Major Mrs. Marjorie Ruth Sharp
» Brigadier Freda M. Weatherly
» Captain Richard Wallace Jr.
» Victor A. Costello
» Major Sandra Ann Wilson
Christmas wrap-up
Greater New York Kettle Kickoff
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Counterclockwise from bottom left: Donald Trump tells about the care his grandmother received while at the Salvation Army’s Williams Residence, then in Flushing, Queens; members of the Rockettes, with Lt. Colonel N?stor R. N?esch, GNY divisional commander; John O. Hatab, GNY Advisory Board chair; and Major Guy D. Klemanski, emcee and GNY general secretary; Klemanski and Lt. Colonel Rebecca A. N?esch; Hatab offers greetings. The kickoff was held for the second consecutive year in the Plaza Atrium of Trump Tower at 56th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.