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January 2005 Volume: 22 Number: 1
Issue: January 2005
Volume: 22 Number: 1
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Forster to coordinate Partners in Mission
by Robert Mitchell
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The Eastern Territory now has a consultant, Major Flo Forster, for the Partners in Missions program, part of a strategy originally initiated by International Headquarters to forge partnerships between Salvation Army territories.

A former associate editor with the Salvation Army's international yearbook, Forster will work out of the Mission and Culture Department at Territorial Headquarters. She says the Partners in Mission program is designed to help the territory better understand and support the needs of partner nations.

"Our territory has been eager to get a plan started," Forster says. "What we're trying to do with Partners in Missions is to create owner-ship by 'adopting' our countries. We want to support them in prayer and in giving more to self-denial efforts because we know these coun-tries will benefit from it.

"Our country is getting so international that anywhere you go, there are people from all over the world. I think our world is getting a lot smaller and, because of the media, we have a lot more awareness of what the needs are."

Commissioner Lawrence R. Moretz, territorial commander, has pointed out that our own territory stands to benefit from the partnerships as well. For example, a recent visit to Nigeria by Majors Janet and Richard Munn, Northern New England divisional leaders, was as much a learning experience for the Munns as it was an opportunity for them to minister at the territorial men's ministries conference there.

The Eastern Territory's Partners in Mission are Brazil, Eastern Europe, Estonia, Ghana, India Eastern, India National Secretariat, India South Western, Italy, Myanmar, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, S.A.L.T. College of Africa, and Sri Lanka.

Last year, "Hands On" mission trips to Nigeria and Italy gave young adults personal experience with Partners in Mission. (See testimo-nies.)

This summer, "Hands On" mission trips are scheduled for Spain (a non-partner nation) and Ghana.