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February 2005 Volume: 22 Number: 2
Issue: February 2005
Volume: 22 Number: 2
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Brigadier Ruth Mabel Lindberg
(February 3, 1913–December 19, 2004)
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Ruth Lindberg was born in Sweden to Frank and Mabel Lindberg, but immigrated to the United States at an early age. The family settled in the Jamestown area and found The Salvation Army there. Ruth became a soldier of the Scandinavian corps and served as young people's sergeant major. She entered the School for Officer Training in New York City in 1935 and was commissioned the following year as a member of the World for God session.

Lindberg served in the Scandinavian Department. She also served in corps appointments in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. She joined the staff of Territorial Headquarters in 1944, serving in the Territorial Field Department. While there, she trained as a nurse, which led to her appointment to the India West Territory's King George V Memorial Hospital in Bombay.

Linberg returned to the U.S. in 1954 and served in divisional appointments in New York, Ohio, and New England. She later became superintendent of the Booth Memorial Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. Other appointments were to the Philadelphia, Pa., Ivy House and the Booth Memorial Home in Boston, Mass. She retired from active service in 1973.

Lindberg was a dedicated Salvationist. In retirement, she soldiered at the Jamestown Temple Corps, where she had a vibrant ministry in music and played violin in the corps' string band. Messages for the family may be sent to her nephew, Richard Frankson, Box 2067, Jamestown, NY 11470.