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September 2005 Volume: 22 Number: 8
Issue: September 2005
Volume: 22 Number: 8
Special Coverage
» 'Old Orchard Runs Through It'
» Eastern Territory Songsters Debut at Camp Meetings
» New York Staff Band holds 'homecoming' concert
» Honors, farewells at Camp Meetings
» Pier Ministry
» Colonels Tuck welcomed to OOB
» Northern New England offers 'Total Praise'
» Colonels Tuck lead OOB second weekend meetings
» After 25 years, Jude Gotrich returns to OOB
» Harvest festival
» Blessed to serve overseas
» The Holy Spirit's power
Vantage Point
» A breath of fresh air!
» Aging, God's Way
Territorial News
» 'We Speak to Nations'
» Coming in March 2006: first-ever vocal convocation
» Chief secretary, Pendel leaders teach at East Africa Brengle Institute
» An exciting adventure
» SFOT adds 'Prayer Walk' to campus
» One Star Search family
» SONday'SCOOL&#reg; jumps 'across the pond'
» Weaving a social fabric
National News
» National Commander comforts Boy Scouts after tragedy
» A joint 'venture'
World News
» Tallinn, Estonia, Corps hosts 'Five Day Club,' 'Officer and Gentlemen'
» Army provides food, counseling in London
Around the Territory
» Scandinavians celebrate at Ladore
» Forty-four years of touching lives
» Major Janice MacLean retires
» Major Dorothy Mae Woods retires
Expression of Thanks
» Thanks
» Corrections
One Star Search family
by Linda D. Johnson
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"Society doesn't give you a chance," says David Cantello, an adherent of the Philadelphia (Roxborough Citadel), Pa., Corps. "But The Salvation Army does."

Nine years ago, David and his wife, Bonnie, were both addicted to drugs and came to The Salvation Army for help.

"We met when we were using together and got clean," David says. Bonnie stopped using drugs 11 years ago; David, 10 years ago.

Through The Salvation Army, he says, "We learned that Jesus loves us."

Bonnie now works for the Norristown, Pa., Corps, and David is an electrician and head foreman at KCL Construction in Wayne, Pa. Their daughter, Deanna, 10, participated in Star Search, level one piano and vocals. The couple have two older sons, David and Mike, from previous marriages.

One of Deanna's buddies is Richard Hayes, who says he is "7 and three-quarters." He placed first in Star Search in level one drama. He acted out the story about the "kid with the lunch" (the feeding of the 5,000). Richard's mom, Kathy, is head of the "Roxborough and More Music Program" at the corps.

Deanna says she's learning about Jesus. Richard says he's known Jesus for himself for about two years now.

"We were driving on the road," he says. "I had heard about Jesus and how he was the Messiah, and I said, 'I might like to be on His team.' "

The Cantellos all say they loved the Family Enrichment Conference.

"I think it's really cool that The Salvation Army got together from the whole Eastern Territory," David says.

Richard Hayes, 7, holds his Star Search trophy in level one drama.

Deanna Cantello, 10, wearing her Reese’s Pieces&#reg; Star Search shirt, poses with a new friend at Hersheypark.