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June 2011 Volume: 28 Number: 5
Issue: June 2011
Volume: 28 Number: 5
» 'They sold me recovery'
Vantage Point
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Territorial News
» Centered on the Cross at new Massillon Corps
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International News
» Salvation Army on the scene in Japan
» Support from across Spain boosts SA earthquake response
Promoted to Glory
» Major Clifton Russell Boone Jr.
» Major Ethel E. Coburn
» Captain Lucie Irene Crouse
» Captain Moises Ramirez
Major Clifton Russell Boone Jr.
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(July 27, 1950—April 3, 2011)

Major Clifton Russell Boone Jr. was promoted to Glory from the Williams Residence in New York City.

Cliff was one of three children born into the family of Clifton R. and June B. Boone of Portsmouth, N.H. Raised in the Methodist church, he once went 13 years with perfect Sunday school attendance.

He was managing a large retail shoe company when he began dating Marilyn Banks, a Salvationist. Following their marriage in 1972, the family attended church at The Salvation Army.

The Boone family attended the Army for 10 years before Cliff accepted Christ at the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings in 1981. He and Marilyn attended a candidates seminar the next year and heard the call to officership.

In 1983, the Boones entered the School for Officer Training in Suffern, N.Y., from the Portsmouth, N.H., Corps as members of the Guardians of the Truth session. After commissioning, they were corps officers in New Jersey and served at Star Lake Camp. Due to Cliff's medical situation, the Boones retired from active service in 2008.

Survivors include his wife; three sons, Captain Aaron A. Boone of Chillicothe, Ohio, Russell C. Boone of Batavia, N.Y., and William T. Moore of Miami, Fla; his father, Clifton Boone Sr. of Shapleigh, Maine; a brother, Jay B. Boone of Sabatus, Maine; a sister, Cheryl J. Boone of Glenwood Springs, Colo.; and six grandchildren. Messages may be sent to Major Marilyn Boone, 720 West End Ave., New York, NY 10025.